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Disputes in the aviation industry

The aviation industry – across its various sectors – is high-value, heavily regulated, complex and inherently global, yet it is also relatively small and intimate in nature.

Those involved in the aviation industry vary from multinationals and large companies to SMEs, partnerships and individuals, who are engaged across a variety of different sectors, such as commercial aviation, general aviation, off-shore operations and space, and a wide range of activities, including manufacturing, maintenance, operation, insurance, financing and professional advice.

The legal framework affecting the aviation industry is a complex mix of international treaties and national laws, rules and regulations and, given the high-value assets involved (aircraft, engines, etc), there are substantial commercial and other interests and risks at stake which need to be considered.

All this means that disputes can be extremely challenging, often prolonged and consequently potentially very costly. As such, the traditional routes to resolving disputes may not necessarily be the most advantageous, and parties seeking to minimise short as well as long-term disruption to their business are well advised to consider mediation or facilitated negotiations as an effective form of dispute resolution.

Disputes in the aerospace sector
Disputes in the aerospace sector