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HFW Aviation

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HFW’s Fast Track process


Dispute arises, which parties fail to resolve amicably.

Fast Track Mediation

Parties agree to Fast Track mediation.

HFW Mediator

Parties each write to appoint an HFW accredited mediator and provide a brief summary of the dispute.

Submit Terms

HFW's accredited mediator submits Fast Track terms for signature by each party plus a timetable for the process.

Position Statements/Evidence

Parties submit position statements and evidence in support of their positions.

Mediation Meeting

1 or 2-day mediation meeting with HFW's accredited mediator.

Settlement Agreement

Where resolution is achieved, a settlement agreement will be prepared by HFW’s accredited mediator.


Referral to adjudication if parties have previously agreed to this.

Adjudication decision

Final and binding adjudication decision issued by HFW’s accredited mediator.