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Mediation with HFW

HFW’s CEDR* accredited mediators offer an impartial and fixed fee service to help parties resolve their disputes through mediation, without the need for lengthy and costly litigation.

Our specialist aviation mediators have in-depth understanding of the aviation industry across its sectors, enabling them to help parties in disputes concerning aviation-related assets or activities engage with each other to achieve a more effective outcome in terms of cost and time.

Our preference is always to facilitate resolution by mediation, either through our Fast Track mediation process, or by the appointment of one of our accredited mediators, who will facilitate communication between the parties to resolve the dispute.

If the parties in dispute opt for a formal process, then our mediators will use the mediation protocol promulgated by CEDR, which is recognised globally as 'best in class'. If on the other hand the parties prefer a less formal process, our mediators will offer appropriate alternatives and seek to agree a preferred structure before the mediation begins.

However, if the parties fail to reach agreement, then they may choose to move to adjudication, whereby our mediator will give a binding decision on the dispute.

*CEDR – Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

Mediation with HFW
Mediation with HFW